Colour and Style the perfect pairing for extra confidence

October 11, 2015 Attic Online

I am an Autumn, Lynne is Spring, Sally is Summer and Katie is Winter.  We’ve all been analysed by Emma from House of Colour who came to the shop to enlighten the Attic staff on the House of Colour philosophy.  We looked at skin tones, the range of colours within each palette and very interestingly people's dress styles, which are categorised into different clothing personalities such as Natural or Romantic. The fun bit was taking pieces from this season’s collections and deciding which style type they fitted, for example the dress below is for a Natural Ingénue personality because it is simple and embellished with details.


We felt so inspired that we decided to open this up to our customers and hosted a fashion morning in the shop.  This was our first venture into putting on smaller more intimate events – the ladies who came enjoyed delicious cake and coffee from Fine Foods and after the presentation from Emma had time to shop and chat.  The feedback was so amazing we plan to hold more of this kind of event in the shop and we’re open to ideas so if you are interested in attending individually or together with a group of friends or colleagues please send me an email



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